Our Story

Just a little about us…

We are two sisters, Anita & Nan, we have drastically different personalities (until you get to know us), we live in different states, have different types of jobs, different interests, yet the same core values. One thing we definitely share is an appreciation for the natural world. We can only assume this is due to growing up on rural Indiana farmland, with parents who knew how to get the most from the land, and grandparents who lived through the Great Depression.

We both have an appreciation for fine things, and found we both shared guilt and frustration over the unethical and environmentally damaging practices often associated with luxury goods. As it became exceedingly more difficult to ignore the impact of consumerism on the planet, it became a contest to see who could find the best eco-luxury item first. Our sisterly competition had no limits we searched for cruelty-free clean beauty products, all natural, organic foods, fabrics, pet toys, sustainable clothing, accessories and household items. We searched for companies embracing renewable energy, clean or zero water practices, no toxins, carbon offsets or carbon neutrality, organic and ethical product sourcing, utilizing fair labor practices with recycled, recyclable or compostable packing. It was exciting to surprise each other with the newest eco-awesome find.

But what actually surprised us the most was how incredibly time-consuming it was to find sustainable luxury products. We had to wade through all the misinformation, misuse of eco terminology and greenwashing, dig deep in companies websites, reading the product details, “About Us” and “Faq’s” pages, searching for sustainability reports. We had to purchase products to see how they were packaged and shipped, as well as, if they lived up to the hype. It was challenging and required lots of dedication and research. The positive impact on the environment, and the sense of purpose we gained, however, was worth the effort.

All this made us question how many others felt the same. We talked about how convenient it would be to have these eco-luxury treasures delivered straight to our doorstep without the stress of having to do the research and the testing. So we did a little more research but did not find a subscription box delivering truly sustainable luxury items (we have nothing against bamboo toothbrushes, but people can find those on their own). Our passion for the environment and commitment to quality was the push that gave Save the Rock Box its start.  

We DON’T wear burlap sacks, we DO love living a colorful life, and we believe in living it sustainably. We are passionate about the environment, nature, our families, our pets, and the planet. We want to do our part to save this beautiful rock we live on and hope that others will join us in the process. We believe it has never been more important to be environmentally conscious, to make the choices that are better for the planet, to promote sustainability, and conscious consumerism.  We believe small changes can have a big impact!

We hope you will let us do the work of finding environmentally responsible companies and sustainable luxury products so that you can Save the Planet in Style!


The two sister team behind Save the Rock Box.  We do the research so you can Save the Planet in Style!