Our Story

We are two sisters living in different parts of the country but found our conversations often turning to the same complaint; how could we enjoy high quality items without the guilt of what those products were doing to the planet.

One of us lives in “rural middle-America” while the other lives on the east coast. Both of us complain about the amount of trash we find and pick up on the streets, (in the fields for that middle-America sister), on the beaches (for that coastal sister) and in the water (lakes, rivers, and ocean). Both of us complain that the ingredients in products we coveted were unhealthy for the planet and over the course of our research we found they were also often unhealthy for us. We were both a bit put off by the “plastic-free swaps” that seemed to be pushing low quality items rather than luxurious goods. It became a contest to see who could find the best eco-luxury item first. The sisterly competition had no boundaries, it could be clean beauty products, organic skin care, sustainable clothing, shoes or accessories. It was exciting to be the one to surprise the other with the the newest eco-awesome find.

But what actually surprised us the most was how incredibly time-consuming it was to find high-quality, environmentally friendly products. We had to wade through all the misinformation, misuse of eco terminology and greenwashing to find companies producing items that are both good for the consumer and good for the planet. Our competition and the amount of effort made us question how many others felt the same way. We talked about how convenient it would be to have our eco luxury finds delivered straight to our doors without all the research, testing, and confusion.

We did more research but could not find a subscription box that would deliver true luxury items (we have nothing against bamboo toothbrushes, but people can find those on their own). We wanted items that do good for the Earth without sacrificing on quality and appearance. It seemed like a waste not to share what we’d learned;  Save the Rock Box got it’s start.  

We DON’T wear burlap sacks, we DO love living a colorful life, and we believe in living it sustainably. We are passionate about the environment, nature, our families, the planet. We want to do our part to save this beautiful rock we live on and hope that others will join us in the process. We believe  it has never been more important to be environmentally aware and to make the choices that are better for the planet.

We hope you will let us do the work of finding the right environmentally friendly companies and products and just sit back and enjoy as they are delivered to your door each season.