Save the Rock Box Packing Supplies

Our Box is a Boox

Booxes are made from corrugated polypropylene sheets, using a patent-pending design. Produced in the US from a combination of new and post-consumer polypropylene (#5 on the recycled plastics chart – PCR). Boox has a goal to improve the post-consumer percentage over time, eventually getting to 100% PCR. They are also experimenting with material made from ocean plastics and other sources. Boox chose polypropylene (PP) for a variety of reasons— It’s waterproof, tear-proof, and lighter than cardboard, while still being rigid and durable enough to protect products during shipping.

Save the Rock Box - Box by

That means each Boox box can be reused many times before reaching the end of life. But, at end of life, PP can be processed back into more Booxes efficiently. Many people think of plastics as detrimental to the environment. Boox would like to encourage people to think differently about it— SINGLE-USE plastics (but really any single-use product) are bad for the environment and can end up in rivers and oceans where they don’t degrade for a long time. But, that same longevity can be put to great use if we can change the culture of consumption and shift towards the circular economy. Scan the QR Code on the Boox to return it so it can be used again and again and again and again ...

Cardboard Shipping Box


cardboard box - ecofriendly

To minimize waste generation, the best way to dispose of cardboard would be to recycle it. In case cardboard packaging ends up in nature, decomposition time is only a few months until the complete break down (under the right conditions). It can even be composted at home!

The energy required to recycle cardboard is 50% less in electricity and 90% less in water, compared to the manufacture of virgin packaging materials.

Logo stickers and shipping labels

Save the Rock Box logo stickers are 100% compostable film making them very environmentally friendly; they will compost within 12 weeks!

Sticker It - Eco-Friendly Logo Stickers

These stickers are Waterproof (not dishwasher safe) and UV Resistant. The stickers are made from wood-pulp from sustainably managed plantations. The shipping labels used on the boxes have a zero waste, 100% recycled & curbside recyclable liner with 100% recyclable label. Just one more piece of this zero waste box.


Kraft Paper Raffia Ribbon

This Raffia Ribbon is Made of 100% natural paper material, bio-degradable and recyclable to keep things environmentally friendly.

Kraft Ribbon Recyclable Raffia
This raffia ribbon is made of matte paper instead of plastic, it is not only durable for packing your gifts, but eco-friendly.  Kraft paper is 100% eco-friendly. Kraft paper is manufactured from virgin wood pulp, making it organic and kraft paper can be recycled up to seven times. 

We recommend that you reuse the kraft paper ribbon for your wrapping needs or simply drop in your recycle bin, burn in your fireplace or outdoor firepit or use in your spring planting with your other compostables.


Kraft Paper Honeycomb Wrap

Eco-friendly 100% biodegradable honeycomb packing paper is an innovative, degradable, recyclable, and effective cushioning kraft paper, it is absolutely the green alternative to bubble pack!  

Kraft Paper Honeycomb Wrapping

The honeycomb packing paper can degrade in about 120 Days, and the raw materials are FSC certified.  We recommend that you reuse the kraft paper in the box for your shipping or wrapping needs; or simply drop in your recycle bin, burn in your fireplace or outdoor firepit or use in your spring planting with your other compostables.


Dissolvable Packing Peanuts

The packing peanuts are starch-based, biodegradable, and eco-friendly.  One advantage they have over styrofoam peanuts is that they don’t hold any static and therefore they don’t cling to your clothes as you unpack the package.  

Dissolvable Packing Peanuts

However, their ability to absorb moisture makes them unsuitable for humid conditions so reuse them or disolve them.  Dissolvable packing peanuts are made of corn or wheat starch, they aren’t toxic to either you or your pet  Apart from dissolving them in your sink, you can also add these packing peanuts to your compost.  However, they can’t be recycled – most recycling programs just don’t accept them.

Biodegradable packing peanuts can be disposed of by dissolving them in water, particularly warm water.  Within 15 minutes, they should be completely dissolved. Alternatively, if you live in a warm and humid area, simply add them to your compost.

Eco Enclose Tissue Paper

Eco Enclose offers the world's most eco-friendly packaging; recycled, recyclable and naturally biodegradable. This tissue paper is 100% recycled and FSC certified using 20% post-consumer waste.   

Eco Enclose Tissue Paper

It is first and foremost reusable, so please consider reusing it for any shipping needs or personal storage.   Specifically Note : it is Neutral Ph - anti-tarnish & safe for silverware, jewelry, and photographs.  How great, right? Use it!  It is also recyclable, naturally biodegradable, and compostable and made in the USA, 100% plastic free.

Kraft Paper

Apart from its superior strength and protection, Kraft paper is 100% eco-friendly.  Kraft paper is manufactured from virgin wood pulp, making it organic.  And kraft paper can be recycled up to seven times.  It degrades naturally within a few weeks, decomposing just like leaves that fall off a tree.  It leaves no impact on the environment. 

Kraft Paper

We reuse the kraft packaging that comes in the boxes from our suppliers.  Since we select eco-conscious brands, they rarely use extra packaging unless necessary (think protecting reusable candle jars during shipping). 
We recommend that you reuse the kraft paper for your shipping or wrapping needs or simply drop in your recycle bin, burn in your fireplace or outdoor firepit, or use in your planting with your other compostables.